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Let's talk about you

In discussion with you Catherine will identify  what happened to you, and what negative beliefs you have formed about yourself.


  • Making sure you are firmly stabilised and have a strong foundation of positive resources, Catherine will proceed to guide you through the re-processing protocols to clear, heal and restore your sense of confidence and wellbeing.                                                                  

  • Trauma and distress sit in the the mind and also in the body. Working on what  is happening in each area simultaneously changes your thought patterns, neural pathways and behaviours. 

Catherine uses Resource Therapy and EMDR, two psychodynamic therapies that support the mind/brain in activating its natural healing process.  Catherine’s work is supported with creating a safe space, mindfulness and relaxation practices, and positive resourcing.

Do you want to make changes in your life, are you sick of feeling the way you do? Let's start together.

Catherine provides treatment for:

  • trauma

  • stress management

  • anxiety/panic attacks 

  • depression

  • grief and loss

  • adverse childhood experiences

  • eating disorders

  • drug and alcohol dependency

  • gambling

  • compulsive shopping

  • relationship difficulties

  • anger management

  • low self worth

  • lack of self confidence

  • trust issues.

The initial session focusses on getting to know you, understanding your situation and exploring how you got to be the way you are. Catherine works at your pace on your terms. Everything is explained

Who I help

Putting you first...

Catherine is a highly skilled and experienced psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.

Her natural warmth, rapport and empathy along with her non-judgemental approach support her passion for helping people through change and difficult situations.

"My work is about guiding clients to a happier life."

BA Communications, Grad Dip Education, Grad Dip Counselling, Clinical supervision, Clinical Resource Therapy, Advanced EMDR, Attachment Focussed EMDR, Imago Couples Therapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy,

Hatha Yoga and Meditation Instructor.

Registered member: ACA Level 2, EMDRAA

Qualifications and Training
  • EMDR Therapy

  • Yoga

  • Trauma informed therapy

  • Resource Therapy

  • Mindfulness

  • Attachment informed therapy

Meet Catherine


Sick of point scoring? Tired of sulking in silence? Relationships require continual transformation to go the distance. Catherine is skilled in helping couples negotiate their differences and work towards stronger, more confident, enduring relationships. 

Substance Abuse

Addiction takes many forms - alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex, shopping. Resource Therapy can be highly effective in helping you avoid the triggers of addiction and re-training your brain to adopt more positive, life-enhancing habits. 


Depression can take all the joy out of living but thankfully, it is treatable. Resource Therapy, Emotional Freedom Therapy, and Mindfulness practices are highly successful in rebalancing mood disorders and dissolving depression.

Develop skills to be calm and balanced in all situations.

Feel good about yourself, feel normal

Catherine sees clients in
North Bondi, Newcastle and Online.

From others who have tried it...

“Thank you - I feel so much calmer. It was really what I needed. I am so incredibly grateful to have you in my life.”

M, 30

From others who have tried it...

“You are a truely a wonder. It made such a difference today. It’s actually quite astonishing. I am amazed.”

K, 67

From others who have tried it...

“I didn’t realise how powerful that therapy could be. It allowed me to stop assuming the worst from others and to trust my judgement.”

S, 38

From others who have tried it...

"Our session with you was incredible. Thank you for the quality and effectiveness of your work"
L+A, 29

From others who have tried it...

"I really appreciate your help, wisdom and guidance. You have allowed me to feel vulnerable in a safe space."

J, 42



Call/message me on 0407 940 535

or send me an email using the contact form. 

ACA registered level 2 counsellor

Resource Therapy, EMDR, CBT, EFT

ACA registered Clinical Supervisor

Eligible for Medibank Private rebate fee $200 per hour/couples $275

Catherine sees clients in North Bondi, Newcastle and Online.

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